An assembly of thinkers, makers and innovators, FlatHED, Inc. built its reputation putting the client first. Founded in 1996, FlatHED grew from a small firm providing design team support into a multi-disciplinary industrial design consultancy. Early clients include C-Tech Plastics, Designhaus, International Electronics, Motorola, Percon, RS Medical, Scott USA and Ziba, among others. Notable projects include new AutoID and Point-of-Purchase product lines for Percon, Inc., such as portable data terminals and handheld lasers. For Scott USA, FlatHED designed and created fully detailed Pro/E model of the Voltage motorcycle goggle, following with a design of a low-cost version, the Voltage X.

As the firm grew, added staff and built networks, new business alliances were forged. Working closely with White’s Electronics, FlatHED developed a category defining premium level offering in their metal detecting line by embracing innovative material and processes. Additional work included cost-reduction with feature-enhancement programs and helping to develop introductory products in a new sector. Building on relationships established at Intel Corporation, FlatHED developed inspirational concept lap-tops for Tier II Intel clients, regionally focused on Europe. These included both next-generation volumes as well as working prototypes built around available off-the-shelf components.

FlatHED executes, supplying fundamental design, engineering and implementation on over fifty manufactured products and counting, including goods for Benchmade, Blount InternationalCascade MicrotechChamberlain, Dent Instruments, Intel Corporation, Intermec, Jordco, PSC, Tennant, US Products, White’s Electronics and Working Products. Other partners and clients include Andrews CooperBioStudio, FuseHemcon, HiveiGenerator, Sherpa, Sigma, Stillwell BakerTimberline and Wacom.

A valuable resource for start-up ventures, FlatHED guides entrepreneurs in their efforts to get product ideas off the ground. Examples include Caromar, Dye Candy, Ekim, Pearl Wine Storage, Single Cup Accessories, and Termsys. Further, FlatHED is proud of its associates and alumni that have successfully launched new product ventures, including Capsule Urn, Tanner Goods, and Toast.


Did you search for Flathead Design or Flathead Industrial Design? We spell it FlatHED; our name is a reference to the flathead fastener, not the Flathead Valley or the Flathead Engine.