White's Electronics V3 Wireless Headphones

Treasure hunters rejoice: No longer are you tethered to your metal detector. We designed the V Headphones to withstand the elements, while still being comfortable enough to wear for hours of treasure hunting. While meeting White's Electronics exacting environmental specifications, the headphones remain cost-effective to manufacture. Like all of White's top-of-the-line equipment, these headphones are made in USA.

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photography by: Wendie Siverts  design by: Wendie Siverts, Christopher Alexander


White's Electronics Matrix Security Scanner

We ran over it. Then we stomped on it. Then we turned it on, and it still worked. The Matrix handheld metal detector isn't just rugged and durable, though. It also surpasses the competition with its improved ergonomics and technology. It features a molded rubber handle for a comfortable grip, updated technology, and water resistance. We also made sure that it met the exacting standards of the National Institute of Justice, making it the perfect machine for security professionals.

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photography by: Kathrena Halsinger
design by: Wendie Siverts, Matias Brecher


TermSYS, Inc. TS9000

Being new to the marketplace means you have to have a design that opens doors. TermSys, Inc. wanted us to create a prototype for a handheld barcode scanner that would excite the market and give them a competitive advantage. We created the TS900 with ergonomic handles, visually appealing keypads, and usability. The carefully contoured scanner has a grip area small enough to fit all hands types for a product that feels as good as it looks.

photography by: Monte Cook
design by: Wendie Siverts, Micheal Wells


Scott USA Voltage Series

Comfort meets style with Scott's HiVoltage line of motorcycle googles. We designed a product that simultaneously fit into Scott's existing ski goggle line and was innovative all on its own.

The HiVoltage line features RAM (Revolutionary Air Management), an air ventilation system that eliminates fogging and a no slip strap designed to fit over a helmet. We designed a high end product with an equal emphasis on performance and style. Safety never looked so good.

photography by: Kathrena Halsinger
design by: Wendie Siverts, Joyce Chua, Dave Robrahn


Jordco, Inc. FileCaddy

Things just got easier at your dentist's office. No, you still aren't flossing regularly, but now she has Jordco's EndoRing® FileCaddy.

We researched materials that could withstand the extreme heat of an autoclave to design the FileCaddy. The FileCaddy stores drill files securely within Jordco's custom antiseptic foam and the entire product goes into the autoclave. With strong latches that are still effortless to open and close, the FileCaddy makes sterilized files easily accessible.

So your dentist just got a break. You? You still need to floss.

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photography by: Kathrena Halsinger
design by: Monte Cook


Jordco, Inc. eDX Endodontic Diagnostic Instrument

It can be difficult for dentists to find fractured teeth. The right instruments can make all the difference. We designed the eDX for Jordco with ease of use in mind. The eDX securely holds Jordco's proprietary foam which is coated with a dental coolant to help find the fracture.

Our design also emphasized waste reduction. By combining two older dental tools and making as many of the eDX's parts reusable, we were able to reduce waste without compromising function or aesthetics. It's functional, environmentally friendly and good-looking - the perfect combination.

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design by: Wendie Siverts


Intel Corporation Shoji Peripherals

Working closely with Intel's design team, we developed an LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse consistent with the design language of the conceptual Shoji CPU.

photography by: Kirill Shelayev
design by: Steve Prastka, Wendie Siverts


Intel Corporation Rich Creek Laptop

Does a laptop built from off-the-shelf components have to be boring? Working with Intel's design team, we collarborated to elevate the standard for Intel Channel customers. This concept laptop shows how smaller producers can be competitive with a platform that is built on common ingredients (optical disk drives, motherboards, displays), an easy-to-service design and improved perceived value.

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photography by: Kirill Shelayev
design by: Steve Prastka, Wendie Siverts
prototype by: Concept Reality


Intel Corporation NAS 4200e

Your stereo. Your books. That nice vase you bought last week. Your data storage system? The Intel Network Attached Storage (NAS) 4200E system can sit side by side on any shelf. We designed the NAS system with a finished look that can be displayed either horizontally or vertically, and look good either way. Don't worry geeks- the top panel offers easy access to the important stuff. The NAS system provides superior data storage in an attractive shelf-worthy package.

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photography by: Wendie Siverts
design by: Mark Perusich, Wendie Siverts


IDSA Oregon Chapter Clocks

One-off clocks designed and constructed to benefit the Oregon Food Bank as entries in the annual IDSA Oregon Chapter silent auction.

Gallery selection for the 2004 PDX Design Festival.

photography by: Monte Cook, Wendie Siverts
design by: Monte Cook, Wendie Siverts


FurrHED Cat Tree Fort

Cats know. Cats know you took out a second mortgage to pay for that couch. They know. That's why they love that couch and why you need the Cat-Tree-Fort. Designed to coexist with carefully selected and painfully acquired furniture, the modular Cat-Tree-Fort configures to fit your cat's personal needs.

Designed for real life (including vacuuming and dusting), the Cat-Tree-Fort is constructed from time-tested materials and processes. When the scratch surfaces are scratched out, easily fit in new ones. And hide those soggy cat toys in the conveniently located storage drawers.

Cats like to squeeze into small spaces, so the condos are sized to climb into, jump out of, and just fit. The steps are for climbing, scratching and jumping. For best results, pretend it is not for your cat.

design by: Monte Cook
prototype by: Monte Cook


Dent Instruments PowerScout3

The PowerScout 3 power meter provides energy consumption data for commercial, industrial, and retail environments. Accurately monitoring and recording energy consumption is the first step toward creating an energy-efficient workplace. We designed a product that not only improved durability, it also reduced manufacturing costs. And even better, a product that enhances energy savings.

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photorendering by: Monte Cook
design by: Monte Cook


Chamberlain Group LSI Desktop Intercom

This wireless intercom is stylish enough for the living room. Open the remote gate to your home, from the comfort of any room in your house.

 photography by: Kathrena Halsinger  design by: Wendie Siverts, Carl Alviani


Cascade Microtech Elite 300 and Accessories

Working closely with Cascade Microtech engineers, we implemented design features that both communicate the precision of this wafer probe system, and meet manufacturing requirements.


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photography by: Cascade Microtech
design by: Carl Alviani, Matias Brecher, Ryan Garrison, Monte Cook, Mark Perusich