The Art of Clutter

So, my desk is incredibly messy.  I admit it.  There’s piles of paper, books, various office supplies taking up the space that should, ideally, be completely free.  In a perfect world, I’d have a clear desk, an empty inbox, and hours to spare.  In this world, though, I have a messy desk.  But, the great thing about a messy desk is knowing that people just like me are able to take their inspiration from the clutter in their lives.  Take the paperclip.  I’ve got about a thousand of them fighting for space on my desk at any given moment, but from the paperclip, comes the idea for this– a beautiful, functional object.  That’s the beauty of inspiration- never knowing quite where it’s going to come from.  It could be the shape, the curve of an everyday object, or reimagining the idea of “waste.”  And that, quite simply, makes me a little less anxious about the mess.