What’s Your Story?

FINAL_cover_design_8_2010-399x535 When I moved to Portland, I lived downtown.  I spent my first few weeks here exploring my new neighborhood.  Walking the streets, taking unknown lefts and rights, wondering if it would ever feel like home.  I would peek in the windows of restaurants I couldn’t afford, and smoke heavy bars dotted with afternoon drinkers.  I’d look at pretty dresses and nice coats through the shiny glass, and make grand plans to buy them someday. Everything felt new and fresh.  Alive with uncertainty. Sometimes, even years later, I walk through the streets with that same feeling; that newness, that feeling of a surprise at every corner.  That feeling will forever be my Portland story; the way I felt in those first few months has really defined my experience here.

The experiences of many a Portlander, both newly arrived and long-time residents has been captured in the new book, Our Portland Story.  Combining both the literary and the visual, Our Portland Story matches writers with designers to create the book’s pages.  The book celebrates not just the written word, but the visual impact of good design.  Combining the talents of 77 authors and 68 designers, Our Portland Story is described as, “part yearbook, part insider’s travel guide, and part collected memoirs, but is all about Portland by Portlanders.”  It’s a nice reminder that every city has its stories to tell.