It’s The Best

One of the great things about the end of a year (beside the excitement of the fresh start awaiting you when that clock strikes midnight on the 31st), is the year-end list.  There’s best movies of 2010, best albums, best books, best games, best, well, you get the idea.  There are so many there could be a “best of the best-of lists” list;  so many, in fact, that it can take until March to check them all out.

One of the best-of lists I’ve been spending some time checking out is Popular Science’s Best of What’s New list.  The list compiles 100 of the best innovations of the year.   Some of my personal favorites: the guitar that always stays tuned; the cell phone recycling kiosk (I think of the museum of cell phones taking up space in my closet right now) ; and the robot lifeguard.

Honestly though, more than a few of these earned a “Whoa, cool!” from me.